Mass Shooter Claims His Own Life During Police Confrontation

He's DEAD - Officials Left Scrambling for Answers!


Mass shooters frequently end their own lives following the commission of their appalling acts. Such was the case with the perpetrator at Perry High School in Iowa on January 4. Similarly, another individual involved in a mass shooting in Texas has also taken their own life, as confirmed by the police.

On Sunday, January 21, a 23-year-old named Romeo Nance reportedly committed the murder of eight individuals in a reign of terror in Joliet, Illinois. Authorities suspect that he gunned down seven family members and randomly killed another man during the shooting spree.

The homicides occurred at two residences in Joliet, with two additional men being shot, one fatally, at different locations. Dan Jungles, Chief Deputy of Criminal Investigations at the Will County Sheriff’s Office, informed the media that the motive behind the shootings remains a mystery. He expressed the possibility that the reasons behind Nance’s alleged commission of the crimes may never be fully understood.

On Sunday, the Will County Sheriff’s Office was alerted through a 911 call about a man discovered on the ground with head injuries. Sadly, the individual, identified as 28-year-old Toyosi Bakare from Nigeria, succumbed to his injuries. It was reported that the victim was on his way to the store when the incident occurred.

As the police were conducting their investigation, they were informed of another shooting incident. During this occurrence, a 42-year-old individual was shot in the leg, sustaining non-life-threatening injuries while walking from his car to his residence. Upon reviewing video footage, law enforcement identified a car that was later confirmed to belong to Nance.

On Monday, law enforcement officers, in search of Nance, observed gunfire and blood at the entrance of a particular location. Upon entering the residence, they discovered two deceased victims. Subsequently, they proceeded to another house across the street, where additional relatives resided, and sadly found five more individuals who had lost their lives.

Later that day, Nance was sighted by US Marshals in the vicinity of Natalia, Texas. As law enforcement approached, he allegedly took his own life by gunshot. Initially charged with murder, the charges were subsequently dropped following his demise.

Laurie Summers, the Will County Coroner, confirmed the identities of five adult victims in the shootings. They were Tameka Nance (47), Christine Esters (38), William Esters II (35), Alexandria Nance (20), and Joshua Nance (31). Additionally, two teenage girls, aged 14 and 16, were also tragically killed.