Mark Levin’s ‘American Marxism’ Sounds Alarm Bell


Mark Levin’s “American Marxism” (2021, Threshold Books, New York) is an eye-opener that is sounding alarm bells.

America is gradually becoming socialist, Levin makes the case, and most people are unaware of it. One could say Americans are in slow boiling water like crabs being prepared for dinner … only they do not realize what is awaiting them.

Most people do not see the danger ahead, but as a man who grew up in a communist country, I see the writing on the wall. If no action is taken, the United States of tomorrow would look like the Venezuela of today.

Under the communist regimes of Eastern Europe, about 1% of the population lived royally, 5% lived comfortably, and the rest survived from day to day.

For decades, the oppressed people of Eastern Europe waited for America to rescue them. Who would rescue America if Marxists take over this country?

“American Marxism” is a thorough analysis of the recent political evolution in the United States. Mark Levin has researched almost every aspect of the left-of-center activities in the U.S. in recent decades and has come to dreary conclusions.

Under the disguise of various names and organizations and using their contacts in the “mainstream” media, he writes, the American Marxists have already imposed their agenda. They apparently invent problems and find faults everywhere: biased racial relations, gender issues, environmental problems and climate change, workers’ rights, migration issues — anything else that would bring about their goal, as the author points out, of rewriting history and reframing the USA.

Mark Levin has analyzed the historic roots and the recent evolution of socio-Marxism and is presenting them in a nutshell. Some goals are veiled and almost invisible to the untrained eye, but others are clearly stated.

Modern Marxist leaders want nothing less than “the destruction of U.S. imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: a world communism.” (You’ll find that on page 118.)

In order to foster their goals, the leftists have invented a new vocabulary and have bombarded the media with new theories and slogans: Green New Deal, critical race theory, critical gender theory, Black Lives Matter, SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity), gender-justice politics, environmental justice, and the like.

Levin writes Marxists and their allies claim America is “a rotten society with structural inequalities, deeply embedded injustice, and is dominated by systemic racism.” As a result, they claim, people are disillusioned with the status quo and want radical changes.

To this end, some activists advocate a full Marxist revolution. Most of them, however, hide under various names such as progressives, environmentalists, climate activists, and many others, but work for the same goal.

Most important, according to Levin, they apparently have found a common umbrella under the complicit Democratic Party.

The neo-Marxists do not want improvements. Nor they want social peace and harmony. They want revolution and promise to bring us the paradise here and now.

Do they personally believe it? One can argue this either way, but the slogans are good enough to mobilize disaffected individuals and to mislead the naïve. And the means to achieve heaven on earth is first by destroying the old order. To do so, the neo-Marxism invented the cancel culture concept and movement and all the slogans that go with it.

As Levin points out, cancel culture advocates reject traditional values such as nuclear family, dismiss the idea of sexual distinctions, belittle patriotism and religion, abhor classic culture and established history, cultivate contempt for the country, and instill fear and confusion in people’s minds. In short, they want to destroy the current world.

From their point of view, “the worse, the better!” This is the paradise they prepare for us — a brave new world — a truly Orwellian one.

According to Levin, to achieve their goal, socialists and the like create fictitious events and disseminate fake news, misrepresent facts, distort reality, repeat ad nauseam lies, demonize honest adversaries, and provoke chaos that should level the ground for their coming to “save” us. The end justifies the means!

In the minds of many Marxist thinkers and activists, communist revolutions are imminent. They succeeded in the old USSR, in China, Cuba, and most recently in Venezuela. It matters little that revolutionary leaders promised paradise and delivered hell.

Mark Levin cautions us, the Americans, that descending in hell could be very quick. President Ronald Reagan warned that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” (See page 13.)

One could make a case it has already begun to happen these very days under President Joe Biden’s administration. Levin writes, currently, the leftists began to pursue their goals in Washington, D.C., “in the hall of power, with far-reaching legislative and executive actions, and in the streets, where organized violence is becoming all too common.” (See pages 38-39.)

It is scary. It seems that what is taking place now subversively in the United States is similar to what happened in Eastern Europe at the very beginning of the communist takeover.

While arresting the opposition, in the late 1940s, the newly installed regimes began to erase the symbols of the past and to destroy old statues and monuments.

Does it sound familiar?

Most Americans are God-fearing folks, but unfortunately, they are silent. Mark Levin concludes his book with a call for action: “Patriots of America unite! We choose liberty!”

Nicholas Dima, Ph.D., is a former professor and author of numerous books and articles including the autobiographical memoir “Journey to Freedom,” a description of the effects of communist dictatorship on a nation, a family and an individual. He currently lives in Arizona and lectures.