Marine Slams Biden in New Ad


A Marine veteran slams President Joe Biden in a new ad for the calamitous withdrawal of the U.S. military from Afghanistan that has left Americans “begging the Taliban for mercy.”

USMC Force Recon veteran Chad Robichaux stars in a new video ad entitled, “What’s That Count For.”

“It was an honor to serve. The men and woman I fought beside in Afghanistan, we risked our lives proudly — for freedom, for our country — because we thought, in the end, our sacrifices would count for something,” Robichaux says in the video, which is being released by the pro-Trump super PAC Great America.

“Now, after 20 years, we’re abandoning Americans behind enemy lines. We’re begging the Taliban for mercy. We’re surrendering. What’s that count for, Mr. President?”

Longtime Republican campaign consultant and adviser Ed Rollins, chairman of the Great America PAC, said Biden has turned his back “on American heroes like Chad Robichaux.”

“The Biden administration’s Afghanistan exit debacle is the most tragic foreign policy crisis in recent memory, and it’s unfortunately nowhere near over,” Rollins said in a statement to The Patriot Depot. “By effectively surrendering to the Taliban, President Biden is turning his back on American heroes like Chad Robichaux. They deserve much, much better from the White House.

“Unfortunately, the Biden administration has proven that we can’t expect better until the 2024 election, which is why we are focused on 2022, so that we can hold them accountable.”

The “What’s That Count For” ad will run nationwide beginning Wednesday morning, with a five-figure initial spend and the potential for more in the coming weeks.

Great America also has blasted Biden about Afghanistan on the PAC’s Twitter feed.

“Joe Biden has left Afghanistan and in doing so is leaving hundreds of thousands of Americans behind to become hostages to terrorists. Our Afghan allies have also been left stranded. Biden is WEAK and he MUST be held accountable. ADD YOUR NAME NOW <–>>,” Great America tweeted on Thursday.

Great America PAC said it has raised and spent more than $50 million since 2016 in support of former President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda.