Man Who Threatened To Kill GOP Rep Gets Slap On The Wrist


This Thursday, the Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz’s assassination threat victim from California learned of his fate. As usual, he received little more than a slap on the wrist.

The American people’s faith and trust in our country’s judicial system are currently being destroyed. If regulations were implemented uniformly across the board, it wouldn’t be so awful, but they aren’t.

Take a look at the penalties given to some of the people who were part in the event on January 6 and are receiving the book because they just wandered into the building without doing anything.

Antifa goons who have been known to hurl concrete milkshakes at people’s heads are not experiencing that.

Eugene Huelsman, 59, who admitted guilt to a felony charge of leaving a threatening voicemail at the Gaetz district office in Pensacola, Florida, in October, is not involved in that situation either.

A federal judge on Thursday reportedly gave Huelsman a six-month home arrest term.

According to court documents, U.S. District Judge T. Kent Wetherell II sentenced Huelsman on Thursday. According to reports, the judge also mandated that Huelsman complete five years of probation and pay a $10,000 fine.

Huelsman was a camera operator for the Hollywood entertainment business before this occurrence.

The voicemail left by Huelsman, according to a counsel for his client, was just pure, raw passion being poured out on Gaetz in the wake of the Capitol incident.

Liberals are often known for having very strong feelings about almost everything. This is why people frequently speak without thinking on Twitter and say absurd things that garner a lot of unwanted attention.

They don’t pause to consider the implications of what they say. Instead, they simply respond. Which is a terrible, terrible idea, by the way. Due to the actor Will Smith succumbing to his emotions and retaliating to comedian Chris Rock’s joke about his wife, his career has been irreparably damaged.