Man Throws Brick At Chicago Hot Dog Joint After Being Told To Mask Up


After being requested to wear a face mask, an enraged guy flung a brick through the front door of a Chicago hot dog stand, as seen on film.

Around 8:40 p.m., the Wieners Circle in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood published video footage of the man inside the store. Wednesday.

He became upset when staff requested him to put on a mask.

The guy then grabs snow from outside and throws it at the counter and an employee who is not on camera.

He then departed in a vehicle, but later returned to the store and threw the brick into the front door, shattering it.

The workers were astonished, according to manager Evelyn Morris, when the brick came hurtling in later that night.

The Wieners Circle said that the door was now fixed and is actively on the tail of the suspect, thanking all the sleuths who are giving them a hand in this. The suspect owes them $400.00 and an apology. They posted the license plate of a Kia Soul on their twitter page, adding that they will throw a party or give them two row 5 center bulls ticket.

Weinerheads, or loyal customers, have expressed their support for the popular restaurant. One of them sent money to help with the repairs.