Man Arrested After Placing Biden Decals On Gas Pump


After allegedly being discovered placing anti-Joe Biden stickers on the pumps in protest of rising fuel costs, an irate Pennsylvania man engaged into a nasty gas station brawl with local authorities.

Aaron Philips, who videotaped the March 31 event and published it on Facebook, stated, “This man placed stickers on a gas pump, got screamed at by a cashier for doing so, then went nuts afterwards.”

After installing decals of President Biden on pumps at a Turkey Hill gas station, Thomas Richard Glazewski, 54, of Manor Township, was charged on April 4 with a litany of charges.

As petrol prices continue to rise, his initiative is part of a rising statewide trend. “I did that!” says the president on the stickers, pointing to the pricing. ” written in large, bold letters.

Glazewksi then sprinted across the gas station parking lot, where an officer tackled him and arrested him. Three cops attempted to throw him into the rear seat of an East Hempfield patrol car, kicking two of the officers in the process.

Resisting arrest, disorderly behavior, harassment, and criminal mischief were among the charges leveled against him.

Regular petrol costs $4.12 on average across the US, $4.22 in Pennsylvania, and $4.24 in New York.

The Biden “I did that!” was discovered by the Post last month. Both Mott Haven and Harlem have decals on gas stations. For $8.95, Amazon offers 100 packs of the stickers.