Lottery Accused of RACISM After This


The lottery has been identified by left-wing campaigners as a new source of systematic racism. Of course, even Liberals are unable to assert that a non-white person holding the ticket causes plastic balls in a drum to know which numbers to avoid, so they have come up with an alternative theory. Evidently, they never considered the idea that the lottery might not be racist.

State lotteries, according to Les Bernal, the leader of the advocacy group Stop Predatory Gambling, are dishonest and a manifestation of systemic racism. According to Bernal, low-income Americans are so illiterate that many mistakenly believe that playing the lottery will help them pay their rent, medical bills, or college tuition, despite the fact that they are likely to lose.

Bernal continued by asserting that because low-income communities disproportionately contain non-white individuals and low-income people spend a larger percentage of their money on lottery tickets than the wealthy, the lottery is inherently racist.

Alleged proof of racism is the prevalence of lottery ticket retailers in low-income neighborhoods. In actuality, shops only carry items that customers wish to purchase, and rich people don’t play the lottery. Because the underprivileged desire to purchase lottery tickets and scratch cards, stores sell them to them. They choose to because buying a lottery ticket is like renting a fantasy for a while that might just come true. Nobody is forcing them to.

Bernal now wants to destroy that dream because he perceives racism where there is none.