Legendary Coach Passes Away at 83

He's DEAD - 2023 Claims Another LEGEND!


Iconic college basketball coach Bob Knight, who had a long-standing presence at Indiana University spanning almost thirty years, has passed away at the age of 83. His family has confirmed his demise and conveyed their dedication to commemorating his life, always cherishing his roles as a beloved spouse, parent, mentor, and companion.

Hailing from Orrville, Ohio, Knight embarked on his basketball odyssey as a collegiate athlete at Ohio State. Yet, it was his shift into coaching that ultimately shaped his remarkable vocation, culminating in an impressive total of 902 victories, firmly establishing him as the sixth most victorious coach in the annals of NCAA men’s basketball. Throughout his tenure as a coach, Knight achieved renown not only for his accomplishments on the basketball court but also for his passionate and intense demeanor.

Knight’s time at Indiana University came to a contentious conclusion in 2000 when he was dismissed amid a probe into accusations of physical mistreatment of players. His association with the university remained strained for an extended period.

He expressed that he would forever hold in high regard the backing of Indiana’s supporters, even until his final moments. As for the leadership of Indiana University during that era, he underscored his lack of regard for those individuals. During 2020, Bob Knight staged a sentimental return to Indiana University, where he received a warm reception marked by a standing ovation in the midst of a halftime ceremony held during a game against Purdue.

Bob Knight’s enduring legacy as one of the most eminent basketball coaches in history endures, and he leaves behind a revered presence within the realm of collegiate basketball.