Left-wing Protest Spirals Out of Control in New York

Crazy Liberals Freak Out Over Bible (VIDEO)


In America, there is a sad but growing trend of left-wing protesters disrupting numerous conservative events. These people are frequently not just protesting. They are frequently rowdy, raucous, and even aggressive.

Due to their disagreement with conservatives, many of the rioters don’t perceive anything wrong with their behavior. However, they are fostering an environment of fear where many Americans are afraid to speak up for fear of being threatened or hurt.

This is partly a result of the increasing polarization in society, as individuals are increasingly viewing those who disagree with them as the enemy.

Currently, a vicious left-wing riot has broken out once more, this time in New York.

Ian Haworth, a prominent right-wing figure, spoke on behalf of Turning Point USA about the benefits of free speech on a college campus in New York. Left-wingers, on the other hand, didn’t agree with what he was saying and made it their mission to stir up trouble.

Before they began to consume the food that Turning Point USA had brought to the gathering, these rioters began by yelling and chanting at him. Later, the protesters started removing their shoes and even tore up a Bible.

Clearly, the intention was to stir up trouble and prevent Haworth from speaking to people who were eager to hear from him.

The constant, well-organized preparation of various left-wing gatherings intended to stir up trouble and create a scene has been observed on social media.

Before the most recent event in New York, leftist activists occupied the state capitol buildings in Kentucky and Tennessee to protest laws that forbid minors from receiving medical therapy for gender transition.

Sadly, Americans should prepare for more incidents similar to the one at the New York gathering of Turning Point USA.