Las Vegas Man Charged For Threatening Jewish Senator

Assassination THREAT Against U.S. Senator!


A Las Vegas resident, John Anthony Miller, aged 43, has been taken into custody on accusations of leaving extremely hateful and antisemitic voicemails for a Jewish senator. In these messages, he used derogatory language, referring to her as “vermin” and making disturbing references to “finish what Hitler started.” This legal action against Miller is based on federal charges for threatening a federal official, encompassing messages left during several dates, including October 11, October 19, and a subsequent incident on October 24.

The federal complaint refrains from explicitly identifying the senator whom Miller is said to have threatened. However, Jacky Rosen, a Democratic representative from Nevada who openly expresses her strong support for Israel, has acknowledged that she was indeed the recipient of these threats.

In one particularly threatening voicemail, the caller reportedly conveyed to Senator Rosen that they would be meeting her in the near future. Subsequently, on October 18, Miller made an attempt to gain access to the Las Vegas courthouse with the intention of encountering the senator. However, according to the complaint, his entry was denied.

On October 24, a concluding message was received, originating from an unidentified number. In this message, the caller once again issued threats directed at the senator’s family. Detectives noted that the voice and speech characteristics closely resembled those of the prior voicemails. Through their investigation, law enforcement managed to trace the cell phone number used in the previous calls to a T-Mobile account linked to John Anthony Miller.

According to the complaint, the police assert that he had left his name in one of the messages. Additionally, they managed to verify his identity by reviewing surveillance footage captured outside the federal courthouse on October 18. This involved comparing his appearance to a previous mugshot.

The mugshot in question dates back to March 2022, although the specific reason for Miller’s arrest at that time remains unclear. His next court appearance is scheduled for November 13.

The threatening messages seem to have surfaced after Senator Rosen participated in a bipartisan delegation of senators who visited Israel shortly after the October 7 attack. Subsequently, she advocated for the Senate’s approval of additional defense funding for the country and the swift confirmation of Jack Lew as the ambassador.