KJP Storms Out Over Simple Question

She STORMED OUT - All Over a Simple Question!


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre abruptly left a recent press briefing when an African journalist insisted on understanding why he had not been provided an opportunity to pose queries.

The latest dispute between Jean-Pierre and Simon Ateba, a correspondent for Today News Africa, stems from an incident in June. During that time, Ateba accused the Biden administration of discrimination, claiming that he was not given the opportunity to ask questions during the presscon.

The most recent incident unfolded when Ateba inquired with National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby about the possibility of posing a question regarding the ongoing Angola situation.

Immediately following Kirby’s commentary on various subjects, Ateba posed his question. Prior to this, the spokesperson had addressed the White House visit of Angolan President Joao Goncalves.

While urging journalists to pose questions, Jean-Pierre disregarded Ateba and instead selected another reporter to speak. Following the disregard, Ateba expressed his astonishment to the press secretary, stating that he was surprised by the White House’s reluctance to entertain a question from an African journalist.

Upon hearing his remarks, Jean-Pierre declared that she would conclude the press conference if journalists were unwilling to show respect. She made this statement as she approached the podium.

Jean-Pierre interrupted Ateba as he was explaining that it seemed illogical for the United States to host an African leader while the press secretary declined to entertain questions from an African journalist. Following this, she gathered her notes and departed from the podium, expressing gratitude to the other members of the press.

After the briefing, Ateba shared a letter from Jean-Pierre’s office on his Twitter account, admonishing him for interjecting during the encounter with the press secretary.