Karine Jean-Pierre Left Stuttering After Reporter Points Out Bidenomics Has Failed to Lower Costs for Americans

WH Press Secretary Left STUTTERING!


After a reporter pointed out that Bidenomics has failed to reduce expenses for Americans, White House reporter Karine Jean-Pierre was left stuttering.

High mortgage rates, high inflation rates, bank failures, pricey food, record-high rent, and shrinking retirement funds are all hallmarks of the Biden administration.

Contrary to expectations, consumer prices increased by 0.4% in September.

Here are the figures for the most recent month, which omit food and energy prices from the core CPI:

  • Energy costs are up 1.5%
  • Gas prices are up 2.1%
  • Fuel oil prices are up 8.5%
  • Food prices are up 0.2%

In comparison to energy expenses, which decreased 0.5% over the last year, food costs increased 3.7%, including a 6% increase for meals consumed away from home. Since Joe Biden became president in January 2021, prices have risen by almost 18%. Over 3% less is earned in wages. Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned by a White House reporter on Thursday on the horrendous inflation statistics and the fact that prices are not decreasing.

“Inflation is hotter than expected – 3.7% year-over-year, unchanged from the prior month. Talk about all the spending last year to lower costs – the last couple of months, how has that lowering costs?,” a reporter asked.

“So look, what we believe is that Biden… Bidenomics is in action! Right! You’re talking about lowering co-costs and that’s something that the president is continuing to do,” KJP said, doubtfully.

Even her own falsehoods are not believed by her. He rebuffed her talking points and the reporter was also not having it.