Karine Jean-Pierre Has a John Kirby Problem

INSANE - White House Drama Boiling Over?!


As of late, John Kirby, the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, has been receiving almost as much attention from the media as Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. His increased visibility began following the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, and he has continued to be active in recent press briefings, despite the majority of Americans focusing on domestic concerns. This heightened involvement could pose a challenge for Jean-Pierre, who has faced significant criticism in her role as a White House representative.

Although John Kirby’s expertise lies in military defense, he has purportedly encroached on Karine Jean-Pierre’s territory by addressing questions on various topics. According to his official biography, the retired rear admiral commenced his tenure in the administration as the Secretary of the Pentagon, serving under Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

Following his role at the Pentagon, he transitioned to the State Department. In January 2021, Kirby assumed the position of Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, where he provided counsel to Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III regarding their public appearances. Additionally, he held the role of chief spokesperson for the Department of Defense.

From October 2023 to February 2024, Kirby was absent from just three out of the 22 press briefings conducted by the White House. Equally noteworthy, he fielded approximately the same quantity of questions as Jean-Pierre. Throughout this period, the press secretary spoke for approximately 11 hours and 31 minutes, while Kirby’s speaking time amounted to around nine hours and 11 minutes.

The increased attention on Kirby might not necessarily signify anything significant. However, considering the existing tensions between the two officials and the potential for shifts with the new presidential term, this situation could spell trouble for Jean-Pierre. As the White House press secretary, she has faced substantial criticism on numerous occasions since assuming the role.

According to Fox News, one of the grievances against her is that in March 2023, she provided a 40-second response unrelated to the question on immigration. NPR News reported that a few months later, she faced an investigation for potentially violating the Hatch Act by making several disparaging remarks about MAGA Republicans.