Kari Lake Says She’s Been Offered Secret Bribes

SECRET BRIBES Reported - She's Revealing Dirt!


The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was recently hosted by the Republican Party. The four-day gathering was attended by many of the most notable Republicans, including Kari Lake, an unsuccessful 2022 contender for governor of Arizona. Her comments are creating a stir.

At the occasion, which took place in the Washington metro region on Saturday, March 4, Lake gave a speech. She warned the audience that she would share an improbable tale that she questioned whether the “fake news” would cover. Days before the event, the Republican claimed that she was approached at her home by individuals whom she would not name. They “tried to bribe” her into quitting politics, she claimed.

The former candidate claimed the individual delivering the bribe was sent by some powerful people back East, but she never revealed the names to the attendees at the gathering. According to Lake, the incident demonstrated that these people seek to quiet Conservatives and stop her.

Lake claimed that in order to enter politics, she quit a lucrative job and the associated income. She asserted that the thing the briber was offering her wouldn’t motivate her, and she has since demonstrated this. Republican Lake worked as an Arizona news anchor prior to entering politics. She gave up this career to concentrate on her governorship campaign.

Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, defeated the conservative in the election. The MAGA Republican sued the state in the following months to have the results overturned. She claims that significant voter fraud caused her to lose the election. She has attempted to be installed as governor, but the courts have so far rejected all of her claims.