Kamala Harris’s ‘Grassroots Reception’ is Anything But

VP Under FIRE - Look What She Did Now!


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are both working hard to get re-elected as president and vice president. The Vice President will shortly be attending a charity event on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. The critics are making fun of the event’s title she chose.

The Vice President and his supporters will gather on the island on August 12 for a Biden Victory Fund event. Wendell Pierce, Carol and C. Bernard Fulp, and Robin Leeds are listed as hosts on the invitation for the benefit, “A Grassroots Reception.”

Leeds wrote an email that went along with the invitation. She told the people invited to the event that America’s future is at stake and their “engagement is critical.” The “gathering,” she said, is their “opportunity to come together, reflect […], and plan for the future [they] envision.”

Fox News stated that because tickets cost anywhere from $50 to $10,000, the reception could not be considered a “grassroots” event. A user on social networking site X (previously Twitter) questioned the legitimacy of the vice president’s attendance at a “grassroots reception” where tickets were going for hundreds of dollars.

The island is also notorious as a vacation spot for the Democratic Party’s high rollers. Harris’ sister, Maya Lakshmi Harris, also has a property on the island, as does former President Barack Obama. The island became well-known due to the frequent visits of the Kennedy family. John F. Kennedy once visited there on vacation. His wife made a large estate acquisition on the island after his death. John F. Kennedy Jr., along with his wife and sister-in-law, all perished in a plane disaster in 1999.

Only by ship or airplane can guests reach the island. In 2020, the island’s median home price was above $1 million, with some homes costing several million. Other famous people who call the area home include Michael J. Fox, Diane Sawyer, and others. Rich people like Oprah and Bill Gates often take vacations there.