Judicial Nominee Asks White House to Withdraw Her

She WITHDREW - Biden Can't Be Happy!


Colleen Holland, the nominee for the federal trial judge position in New York’s Western District from the Biden administration, formally requested the White House to withdraw her nomination on January 9. In a released statement, she, known for her career as a law clerk, cited personal reasons as the primary factors behind her decision not to seek re-nomination.

In her statement, Holland expressed gratitude to the Biden administration for contemplating her for the role and having confidence in her career. However, she specifically requested President Joe Biden not to present her nomination again to the Senate. She emphasized that this was a personal choice made after thorough consideration.

In a distinct statement, a spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader and New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer expressed surprise at Holland’s decision. However, the spokesperson conveyed respect for her choice and extended gratitude for her service. Acknowledging Holland as an accomplished lawyer with a remarkable legal intellect and deep integrity, Schumer’s spokesperson emphasized the prompt intention to collaborate swiftly with the Biden administration to nominate a replacement for the judicial position.

Upon revealing her decision, Holland, at the age of 39, was notably younger than most nominees to the federal bench, as reported by various sources. It’s worth noting that neither the Senate nor the White House has set a hearing for her nomination at this time.

Since 2021, she has been in the position of special counsel to the chief judge of New York’s Western District. Prior to undertaking this role, Holland served as a career law clerk for the same chief judge starting in 2018. Additionally, she gained experience as an associate at several law firms in the United States.

In August 2023, President Biden put forth her nomination, along with three others, based on Schumer’s endorsement. Various reports indicated that the President characterized the quartet as seasoned and capable nominees committed to upholding the American Constitution.