Joy Behar Says She Is ‘Turned On’ By Biden’s Anger In Bizarre Clip

Joy Behar Says WHAT About Biden’s Anger?


Joy Behar, one of the hosts of ABC’s “The View,” admitted on Tuesday that she found Joe Biden’s anger to be arousing. She made this comment after an Axios report described Biden’s intense temper in private, contrasting with his calm public demeanor and iconic aviator sunglasses. The report revealed that Biden can become easily provoked and explosive behind closed doors, frequently using strong language. Consequently, some aides have chosen to have group meetings with him as a way to protect themselves from his outbursts.

Lisa Kennedy, a Fox News personality who has openly expressed her dissatisfaction with the Biden administration, found the aforementioned report to be captivating. She shared her thoughts, stating that she was genuinely intrigued when she heard about the president’s anger and volatility, admitting that it was somewhat arousing. Joy Behar, also on “The View,” chimed in and agreed with Kennedy’s sentiment, saying that she personally shared the same fascination and found Biden’s anger appealing.

Biden’s display of anger is not a random outburst but rather a method of intense questioning. He scrutinizes his aides relentlessly, pushing them to their limits. Some view this approach as thorough and methodical, while others refer to it as a challenging test, labeling it as “stump the chump” or “stump the dummy.” This demanding process has become a tradition within the White House, with aides considering it a rite of passage. They suggest that if Biden doesn’t raise his voice at you, it might indicate a lack of respect.

Ted Kaufman, who has served as Biden’s chief of staff for a long time, supported the president’s approach by emphasizing its focus on policy. Kaufman defended Biden’s intense questioning style, stating that it has contributed to his effectiveness as a leader. According to Kaufman, if there is any information missing from a briefing, Biden is determined to uncover it. Kaufman clarified that Biden’s intention is not to embarrass anyone but rather to arrive at the best possible decision.

Ultimately, regardless of whether one finds Biden’s anger appealing or unappealing, the Axios report has undoubtedly provided a more nuanced understanding of the person behind the iconic aviator sunglasses.