J6 Committee Accused of Defying Order, Losing Evidence

Evidence DESTROYED? What Are They HIDING!?


In the previous year, Nancy Pelosi, who was the Speaker of the House at the time and represented California, established the January 6 committee. This committee was formed with the purpose of investigating the occurrences leading up to and during the assault on the Capitol Building. As part of their proceedings, the committee conducted open hearings involving individuals who had experienced injuries or were present at the Capitol on that particular day.

Following the conclusion of the inquiry, the committee issued a report detailing the subject under investigation and the relevant evidence collected during the examination. Certain portions of this data were subsequently shared with the Department of Justice and might potentially be utilized in the legal case against ex-President Donald Trump in Washington, DC. Presently, a Republican representative is alleging that the committee’s members did not fulfill their responsibilities appropriately.

Representative Barry Loudermilk, who represents Georgia as a Republican, recently engaged in a discussion with Fox News Digital. In his capacity as the chair of the Subcommittee on Oversight for the House Administration Committee, he is currently conducting an inquiry into the actions of Representative Bennie Thompson from Mississippi, a Democrat, concerning the January 6 investigation. The Republican congressman expressed challenges in obtaining the necessary information for his oversight examination.

Loudermilk also leveled allegations against Thompson’s committee, asserting that they had not adequately looked into the security breaches that precipitated the January 6 assault. He demanded an explanation regarding how supporters of former President Trump managed to enter the Capitol. The conservative representative conveyed that his committee had received documents, but the lack of organization in these documents posed a notable issue.

The committee head asserted that during the process of reviewing the containers, he came to the realization that not all of the testimonies were captured on video. He explained that a defense attorney had requested specific information that was expected to be present in one of these depositions, but unfortunately, it was absent. Loudermilk contended that Thompson was legally obligated to preserve all the data pertaining to the investigation, but alleged that this was not adhered to. Furthermore, the Republican representative maintained that the Democrat acknowledged not preserving certain records.

In particular, Loudermilk highlighted that they lack video-recorded testimonies and data concerning the breaches in security.

With the exception of two members, the Republican Party declined involvement in the January 6 committee, following Nancy Pelosi’s rejection of individuals nominated by Representative Kevin McCarthy of California. Pelosi stated that Representative Jim Banks of Ohio and Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio should not be part of the committee due to their refusal to validate the 2020 election results and their public criticism of it. In response, McCarthy withdrew all the Republican nominations. The committee ultimately included only former Representatives Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois from the conservative side.

Representative Loudermilk and other Republicans hold the viewpoint that the House committee disregarded the security concerns at the Capitol, as their focus seemed to be on attributing responsibility to former President Trump for the events that unfolded.