Internet Meltdowns Over Photos Of Kids Learning Gun Safety In School


Students in fifth and sixth grades are learning about gun safety at school, and liberals are having a nervous breakdown.

Children in Hot Springs County, Wyoming, are learning critical self-defense techniques rather than just playing dodgeball during physical education.

Hot Springs County School District #1 published photographs of pupils learning appropriate firearm safety with air guns on its official Facebook page.

The caption says, “All students passed their safety test and have been sharpening their skills.”

One remark said, “This is what America needs more of. Education and responsible firearm ownership.”

Thousands of comments were left, many of which were positive. A handful of liberals, on the other hand, were incensed.

Some comments utilized standard liberal talking points, likening teaching youngsters proper firearm safety to arming them against future criminals.

Another commenter said that this training amounted to raising potential school shooters.

For a variety of reasons, language like this is clearly erroneous. The children were given air weapons, not fully working weaponry, according to the article.

It was either stupid or deliberately dishonest to say that youngsters were given guns that could be used in school killings. The remark was false in both cases.

Second, there is no indication that teaching youngsters about gun safety will lead to excessively violent behavior.

In fact, there is a compelling case to be made that children who learn both the power and the discipline required to wield a firearm are more likely to grow up to be responsible, law-abiding gun owners.

Many gun-related deaths occur when someone uses a gun without first learning how to use it safely.