Howard Stern Targets His Fans, Proudly Admits “Wokeness”

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Radio host Howard Stern, known for his provocative style during the 1980s and 1990s, has been consistently distancing himself from a significant segment of his audience over the years. Stern, the host of SiriusXM, who had multiple interviews with Donald Trump prior to the ex-president’s political career, recently focused his attention on MAGA supporters once more, openly acknowledging his embrace of woke culture.

According to a report by Breitbart, Stern reaffirmed his convictions when responding to a disappointed fan of his program. The controversial radio host clarified that he views “woke” as a form of praise, suggesting that it signifies his awareness of important societal issues. He went on to mention that if the term is associated with individuals who oppose Trump while also supporting COVID-19 vaccinations and transgender rights, he has no reservations about being described in such a manner.

A substantial portion of Stern’s audience consists of blue-collar men, a demographic that tends to align with the MAGA movement. His ongoing shift towards more progressive positions has caused dissatisfaction among some of his fans. In January, Trump criticized the radio host, using Truth Social to claim that Stern’s declining ratings were a consequence of his support for Hillary Clinton over Trump during the elections. Trump expressed his disappointment in the show’s reduced popularity and expressed surprise that it continued to be financially successful.

Stern has been vocal in his criticism of Trump’s supporters for an extended period. In 2020, he expressed strong disdain for MAGA voters, characterizing them as lacking intelligence. He further claimed that the former president held a low opinion of his most dedicated followers, deeming many of them too repulsive to even enter a hotel. In 2022, as reported by the Washington Examiner, he recommended that all of Trump’s supporters consider relocating to Russia, where they could potentially gain a firsthand understanding of genuine hardship and a loss of freedom.