Homeowner Defends Himself Against Illegal Alien Gang Member


A burglary suspect and illegal immigrant was reportedly apprehended inside the house of a California man.

Sal Mercado claimed he pulled into his Oak Park driveway to see another vehicle parked outside. Mercado said that two intruders were searching through his belongings inside his house.

When Mercado entered his house, he approached one of the suspects and struck him in the face with a heavy punch. The guy stood up and drove away in a getaway car from the scene.

A second suspect didn’t fare as well. Mercado gave the guy a good beating and sought to detain him for deputies as he walked down the stairs carrying jewels and devices.

The suspect, on the other hand, broke free and began running away.

Mercado pursued him as he exited the home on the grounds. Mercado yelled on nearby residents to call the cops.

“He begins to run through the side of me to get out of the house,” Mercado recounted, “but I went BAM with the right cross, and he fell down onto the front yard grass, gathered himself up, and fled to the car.” I attacked him and pushed him back into the bushes on my property’s side.”

The suspect was apprehended by police when they arrived at the residence.

Aranguiz, 43, of Chile, is now charged with criminal house burglary in the first degree and felony conspiracy. He’s being detained on a $150,000 bail right now.

He is suspected of being a part of a South American theft organization, according to investigators. In recent years, gangs of burglars from South America have flown to California in groups to break into homes. The activity has been nicknamed crime tourism by authorities.