Hollywood Icon Reveals Secret Cancer Battle

Hollywood Icon Reveals Secret Cancer Battle


Hans “Dolph” Lundgren rose to prominence in 1985 when he gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in the film “Rocky IV.” Over the course of the past 38 years, he has appeared in numerous other movies, including “Aquaman.” Recently, Lundgren opened up about a grave health battle he has been facing.

During an interview on the television show “In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” Lundgren shared that he has been contending with cancer for the past eight years. In 2015, he received the initial diagnosis, and during that time, surgeons surgically removed a cancerous tumor from his kidney.

For a period of five years, the actor underwent regular scans to monitor his health, and during that time, everything appeared to be fine. However, in 2020, while Lundgren was in Sweden, he began experiencing symptoms resembling acid reflux. Concerned about his condition, he decided to undergo an MRI scan. Subsequently, he received distressing news from the doctors informing him that additional tumors had been discovered. At this stage, the 65-year-old underwent another surgical procedure to have six more tumors removed.

Following the discovery of another tumor in Lundgren’s liver, which had grown to the size of a lemon, his doctors determined that it was too large to be surgically removed. As a result, he initiated systemic therapy, although he did not specify whether it involved chemotherapy or another form of treatment. During this period, Lundgren experienced side effects, as revealed during the interview.

Lundgren’s fiancée, Emma Krokdal, also shared her perspective, stating that the actor experienced soreness in his hands, feet, and mouth as a result of the treatment. She mentioned that he struggled to consume warm, cold, or spicy foods, making it an exceptionally challenging time for Lundgren.

After receiving a disheartening prognosis from his doctor, who estimated that he had only a few years left to live, the actor sought a second opinion from another oncologist. This second physician informed him that his kidney cancer was undergoing mutations similar to lung cancer. Consequently, a significant overhaul of his treatment plan was undertaken, resulting in the tumors starting to decrease in size.

According to the American Cancer Society, kidney cancer is among the most prevalent types of cancer. It is projected that in 2023, there will be approximately 82,000 new cases diagnosed, with over 14,000 individuals succumbing to the disease. However, Lundgren remains optimistic and does not expect to be included in that mortality statistic. He shared that the tumors have now shrunk by around 90%, and he believes that he will soon achieve remission.