Heroic Predator Hunter Slain After Confronting Teens

He's DEAD - Hero Murdered in Cold Blood!


Robert Wayne Lee, widely known as the daring predator hunter “Boopac Shakur,” met a horrible end when confronting a bunch of youths, and the news has left many people in tears. This tragic event occurred at a restaurant in the neighborhood and rocked the tight-knit community.

‘Boopac Shakur’ was a man with a clear mission: to rid the streets of predators who targeted the most vulnerable. With unwavering determination, ‘Boopac’ relentlessly tracked down these threats by posing as an underaged girl online and exposing those who took the bait. His efforts earned the respect and admiration of folks from all walks of life.

However, the dangers he faced made his path one that few would ever attempt. But Lee was courageous in the face of danger, accepting it in order to safeguard the helpless. He denied the police’s claim that he was a vigilante on the internet, explaining that such individuals do police duties without official authorization.

But when emotions rose, Lee’s final act of bravery turned sad, and he was killed. Two teenagers attacked him, one with a knife and the other with a gun.

The police responded quickly, arriving on the spot and immediately beginning an intensive investigation. The teens are currently in police custody and have been cooperative.

Local authorities recognized Shakur’s attempts to protect children and acted on 4 of Lee’s 132 tips. The police have told the neighborhood that they would do everything in their power to see that justice is served in the wake of this terrible tragedy.

To help pay for his funeral and provide for his daughter, his family has started a GoFundMe page.