Grandfather Gunned Down While Trying to Apologize

Senseless MURDER - Grandfather Shot DEAD!


Nearly 220 people lost their lives and over 12,600 were injured in accidents involving road rage in just seven years. In 2022, violent road incidents resulted in the death of one person every sixteen hours. An unfortunate incident in California has resulted in the loss of a life.

Jonathan Mauk did a brief errand to San Bernardino’s Walmart on February 5 to get soda and salt for his homemade beef jerky recipe. The grandfather, who was 59 years old, was allegedly searching for a parking spot when he swerved his Chevrolet Camaro and crashed into the car of Shawntece Marie Norton, who was 37 years old. The incident occurred while the suspect was reversing her vehicle into an empty spot.

People who saw what happened said that Mauk stepped out of his car to say sorry to Norton. Norton discharged a gunshot wound to the victim’s face rather than negotiate with their insurance firms.

Matthew Mauk, the victim’s eldest son, spoke to ABC 7 and said he was able to pick up his dad’s vehicle the next day and noticed there was “a scratch on the fender,” and that was all. He said there wasn’t even a dent. “That is the extent of the collision that he lost his life over,” Matthew stated.

After shooting Mauk in the face, Norton allegedly ran away. She was charged with murder the following day after her arrest. Her plea to the allegations is one of not guilty.

Matthew wrote in a GoFundMe that his dad was “an amazing man, loved by everyone” who had the pleasure of knowing him. He was the grandfather of three boys and two grandkids. Over $24,000 was collected at the fundraiser to cover burial fees and other related charges.

According to what Matthew told ABC 7, his family will play a significant role in seeking justice for their father. Attending each hearing and maintaining his voice in protest of the senseless crime were both promises he made.