GOP Senator Facing Backlash After Immigration Bill Leaks

Voters BETRAYED - Republican Caught In The ACT


Immigrants frequently had the belief that the United States was so prosperous and full of opportunities throughout its history that, in certain instances, the streets were “paved with gold.” Regretfully, though, the union is not what it once was in the contemporary sense. In January 2021, President Joe Biden took office, and since then, the United States has been in utter darkness. The President’s reckless spending plan has resulted in record levels of inflation, which are further crushing the middle class and preventing salaries from keeping up with the rising costs. Families are finding it difficult to make ends meet, and the public’s confidence in the country’s future is mostly lacking. Overall, things are not bright in contemporary America.

While four criminal indictments have been brought against Donald Trump, House Republicans have begun the process of impeaching Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States. The Republican members claim that the investigation relates to Biden’s involvement in international commercial transactions and intend to subpoena his son Hunter’s financial documents. Hunter Biden appeared in the first inquiry hearing hosted by the House Oversight committee. In response to questions about the situation, Texas Representative Pat Fallon told Newsmax that an impeachment investigation would not have begun in the absence of supporting evidence.

Fallon was probably responding to White House spokesperson Ian Sams, who wrote to CNN asserting that Republicans lacked proof of President Biden’s illegal actions.

While accusations against Biden persist, Republicans must also address partisan problems within their own party. The Republican senator from Oklahoma, James Lankford, has drawn criticism recently for his most recent plan regarding the border situation caused by illegal immigration. Lankford proposed a bill that would allow more than 5,000 undocumented immigrants to enter the country each day in addition to providing work permits and H1-B visas.