GOP Reps: DOJ’s ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Memo the New ‘Dossier’ Pretext


Republican members on the House Judiciary Committee are calling the Biden administration’s heavily scrutinized ”domestic terrorist” memo the new ”dossier,” saying Democrats are creating a ”pretext” for investigations from their political talking points.

”Are they teaching this stuff at the FBI Academy?” said Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., in Wednesday’s hearing, adding that the Judiciary Committee should seek the origins of politicized justice and ”threat construction.”

”What we’ll find in that investigations is when the FBI and the Department of Justice want to go after people — want to go after Trump, want to go after political opponents, want to go after organizing parents in communities — they seed a lie,” Gaetz added.

”And they get that lie retold, and they use it to target people. What a shame.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, echoed that claim at the hearing that saw his resolution to subpoena Biden administration officials and National School Boards Association leaders get quickly shot down by Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y.

”I think you got to view the letter from the School Board Association, in the same context as the dossier and the Trump-Russia investigation,” Jordan told Breitbart after Wednesday’s contentious hearing on an unrelated bill touted by Democrats.

”[Then-Attorney General] Jim Comey wanted, and the Obama FBI and Justice Department, wanted to go after President [Donald] Trump, they wanted to spy on President Trump.

”But they needed an excuse, and the excuse became, ‘Oh, there’s a dossier.’ Jim Comey sees this, knows it’s garbage, but he goes and flies up to Trump Tower in January, early January of 2017, before President Trump’s even been sworn in, and gives him a briefing on the dossier because they want to use that.”

Gaetz also argued in the hearing that same circular tactic was used by Democrats in the Biden administration, including Attorney General Merrick Garland, to investigate  allegations of ”domestic terrorism” threats at school board meetings.

It is ”threat construction” used by Democrats, according to Gaetz, pointing to the findings of special prosecutor John Durham’s investigation of the Russia investigators during the Trump administration.

”The proposition from Durham is the FBI was lied to,” Gaetz said. ”They were victims of these Russians who were telling lies about President Trump, when we all know that the FBI went and seeded those lies to justify action that they wanted to take that they otherwise wouldn’t be willing to take.

”And it’s the exact same pattern. Are they teaching this stuff at the FBI Academy? It’s the exact same deal with the school board parents or anyone who shows up at a school board meeting. They wanted the authority to issue these threat tags to monitor people whose political organization posed a threat to them.

”So they went and nurtured and induced this letter out of the National School Boards Association, and lo and behold, you see political patronage jobs being given out as a consequence.”

Jordan agreed in remarks to Breitbart.

”So they needed a catalyst to do what they wanted to do,” Jordan warned. ”It’s a template that we see being used, and it’s exactly the template that was used here.”