GOP Rep Says He’s Confused By Office Vandal’s Motive

Lawmaker SHOCKED At Vandalism - DISGUSTING!


This week, anti-Israel protesters targeted the office of David Valadao, a Republican Representative from California, vandalizing the premises. A social media image depicted posters with the message “Murdered by Israel” and images of Palestinians who lost their lives in the conflict, adorning the exterior of Valadao’s office. 

Additionally, a red substance, presumably syrup symbolizing blood, covered the office front.

Law enforcement authorities indicate that four individuals were engaged in the act of vandalism, as revealed by surveillance footage not yet disclosed to the public. The incident occurred shortly before midnight on Sunday, as reported by the police.

Exceeding $900 in damages, the act of vandalism qualifies as a felony. Valadao expressed confidence in law enforcement’s capability to uncover the individuals’ identities, stating his intention to press charges once they are made known.

During an interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” Valadao shared his belief that the vandals targeted his office due to its prominent location on a main road. He suggested that the perpetrators may have thought that a more visible act of vandalism could influence people to sympathize with terrorists. Valadao expressed his bewilderment at their reasoning, describing their actions as repulsive.

Valadao emphasized that those protesting, if genuinely concerned about the plight of children in Palestine, should oppose Hamas. He pointed out that Hamas actively endangers civilians by conducting military operations within schools and hospitals in Gaza, utilizing children as shields and putting thousands of innocent lives at risk.

Posting images of the destruction on social media, Valadao expressed his endorsement of everyone’s right to engage in peaceful protests. However, he firmly stated that acts of vandalism, property damage, and violence are never deemed acceptable.

He also mentioned that his office is available to constituents, who can schedule appointments to converse with him or his employees.

The incident comes in the wake of heightened tensions between Israel and Hamas, which escalated following the surprise attack on Israel on October 7th. It is reported that Hamas is still holding approximately 200 hostages from Israel.