Google Search Engine Now Infected by Wokeness


Wokeness, the kind of Marxism that strives to destroy American freedom, democracy, and capitalism, has gained yet another huge victory in its heinous campaign to seize control of the American people’s brains.

The search engine will now be infected with a type of mild filtering that will exclude politically inappropriate phrases from searches.

That is, statements that run counter to the dominant neo-Marxist-Communist worldview, which came to power with Joe Biden in the White House and the communist Democrat Party in Congress.

Their ultimate objective is to eliminate civil society, rights, liberty, democracy, and capitalism in the United States.

To do this, today’s Western Marxists are relying on wokeness and critical race theory to exacerbate racial class warfare tensions, tearing apart American society in every manner conceivable.

While Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, battles to seize control of Twitter in order to cure the woke mind illness, Google appears to be kowtowing to the idiotic woke propaganda.

Google’s search engine, in particular, has lately implemented an inclusive languagef eature to combat the usage of politically incorrect terms and idioms.

In other words, Google is restricting Americans’ fundamental right to free expression and eroding their First Amendment rights.

The examples provided to demonstrate how the inclusive language search engine functions are very astounding.

When putting landlord into the Google search engine, for example, users will notice a warning that the term may not be suitably inclusive to all readers.

Then they’ll be provided various choices for replacing that term, such as proprietor or property owner in this situation.

However, the investigation demonstrates that Google’s woke censoring is not only shocking, but also profoundly faulty.

It didn’t provide any warnings, for example, about a transcribed interview with David Duke, the ex-KKK leader, that allegedly contained foul language.

It did, however, flag President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration address because he used the word mankind instead of humankind.