Good Guy With a Gun Stops Armed Robbery at Philadelphia Pizza Shop

VIOLENT Robbery - Store Employee DEFENDED Himself!


Two potential robbers in Philadelphia were confronted by a pizza shop worker on Saturday evening, resulting in one of them losing their life after being shot.

As reported by the Philadelphia law enforcement, the event transpired at approximately 8 p.m. at George’s Pizza, located on Oxford Avenue within the Frankford district of the city. Police officers disclosed that two individuals, armed with guns, entered the pizza establishment with intentions of robbing it.

A gunfight erupted between the two culprits and the employee of the store. One of the suspects sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the head and upper torso, leading to his immediate demise at the location. The second offender made a swift escape from the pizza shop on foot.

According to law enforcement officials, no items were stolen from the store, and there were no additional reported injuries. Additionally, the firearms belonging to the suspects were found on-site. Currently, the identity of the deceased suspect remains undisclosed.

An individual present at the scene informed Action News that he had a conversation with the store employee who discharged his weapon at the culprits. The employee asserted that the shooting was an act of self-defense.

“What I saw was a guy lying down on the ground. Blood. The owner’s son said he had to shoot him because the guy was shooting at him. Said he had to shoot back self-defense.”

The police have indicated that they are examining outdoor surveillance cameras in an attempt to pinpoint the whereabouts of the fleeing suspect.