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Georgia Prosecutors Turn Up The Heat On Giuliani

In a recent legal update in Washington, D.C., a federal judge has announced that a jury will play a crucial role in deciding the resolution of a lawsuit concerning Rudy Giuliani, the attorney of former President Donald Trump. This legal matter revolves around Giuliani’s unfounded claims against two election workers in Georgia, asserting their complicity in election fraud during the 2020 presidential campaign.

U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell rejected Giuliani’s plea for a bench trial, opting for a jury trial instead. The judge pointed out the considerable delay in Giuliani’s motion, underscoring its belated submission as the deadline for pretrial motions was set for October.

Although Giuliani submitted a “Trial Brief” in an attempt to change the nature of the proceeding to a bench trial, the judge interpreted it not as a formal motion but as an endeavor to avoid potential repercussions for failing to meet the pretrial motion deadline.

Previously, Giuliani made serious, albeit baseless, accusations against Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman, a mother-daughter duo involved in election administration. He alleged their involvement in fraudulent activities during the ballot counting process and claimed they handled suitcases filled with illegal votes.

These accusations triggered inquiries by three law enforcement entities: the FBI, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. Nevertheless, these investigations determined that Giuliani’s assertions were unfounded.

In response to these groundless accusations, Moss and Freeman initiated a legal action against Giuliani. The legal proceedings have been moving forward consistently, and despite repeated reminders from the court, Giuliani has not presented any supporting evidence. This development signifies a significant change in the legal process, transferring decision-making authority from the judge to a jury.

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