Fox Host Says Biden Has Officially Lost Control Of The Country


On Saturday’s “Watters’ World,” Jesse Watters claimed Joe Biden’s luck is running out, adding that the president’s administration is beset with crises.

JESSE WATTERS: Throughout his political career, Biden has always been a lucky man. During the last week of the election, a union strike knocked down his opponent’s mailings, allowing him to win his Senate seat. Then, as Vice President, Former President Barack Obama selected him from a worthless pile of senators. Because the 2020 Democratic field was so weak, he is simply required to avoid becoming a lunatic radical to win the nomination. Before COVID, Trump was positioned to crush him. The global pandemic threw the race off, giving feeble Joe the ideal excuse to disappear before Election Day and pretend he was only doing his job. The leftist media then disregarded the Republican October surprise, Hunter’s laptop, as well as Biden’s China ties.

Joe’s luck, however, ran out. Joe froze, having never functioned as an executive ever. The stress was too much for him to bear. Everything around him began to crumble, and he now had no control over the country or even his own goals.

This year, his colossal $2.2 trillion Build Back Better welfare package died. It was destroyed by Manchin. And there’s a good chance it won’t be fixed. Inflation is wreaking havoc across the country, costing the typical household an additional $3,500 this year. Only 17% of Americans believe they are better off now than they were last year. According to a poll conducted by Fox Business, this is the case. Eighty-one percent said they don’t think so. Inflation is a major concern in the United States, yet all Democrats seem to care about is January 6. While the border is wide open, illegals are bringing drugs, crime, and COVID into the country – another big caravan is on its way to America right now.