Former Clinton White House Aide Condemns Democrats For Lukewarm Crime Policies

Ex-Clinton Aide SLAMS Dems - So Soft On Crime!


Paul Begala, a former White House adviser, claimed on Friday evening that white liberals, not poor and working class people, were attempting to starve police and that the party needs to take the crime issue head-on for 2021.

“Quality of life issues will be our focus and the basis of our election decision. In Los Angeles, I saw this. Yesterday, it was asked, “What’s wrong with Portland? “,” stated HBO host Bill Maher.

Maher mentioned rising violence and homelessness in Portland, Oregon, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, and claimed the Democrats controlled Portland and many other major cities with growing crime rates.

Begala continued by asserting that San Francisco has a considerably lower homicide rate than Bakersfield, California, the city of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“Why aren’t Democrats talking about that,” and then asserting that states that supported Trump had a 40% higher homicide rate.

According to Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson, several Democrats in the House of Representatives voted on Thursday to stop a D.C. Democratic Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota, who had been assaulted in the lobby of her apartment complex on Thursday, was part of a proposal that would have lessened some criminal punishments.

Begala continued, “For Democrats and my fellow liberals, it’s the people we supposedly care about are the victims of crime. Elon Musk is not going to get his stupid Tesla carjacked. It’s poor people, it’s working people. They’re the victims of crime, and by the way, if you look at all the polling and the voting, it’s those folks who are voting for more security, more safety, more and better cops. It’s the white liberals who want to defund the police.”