Former Child Star Pronounced Dead at 35 Years Old

DECEASED - Officials Discover Former Child Star's Body


Evan Ellingson, known for his early stardom in “CSI: Miami,” has tragically passed away at 35. His untimely death was discovered in his residence, yet the official cause remains undisclosed by the coroner. There’s no sign of foul play, but the situation is under scrutiny as a possible overdose.

TMZ was the first to report the heartbreaking incident of Ellingson’s passing on Sunday, October 5, as validated by the late actor’s father. While residing at a sober living home, the young talent had grappled with previous addiction challenges. According to E! Entertainment News, Ellingson seemed to be making strides in his recovery but faced a setback after receiving an opioid prescription for dental pain, which led to a relapse.

At the tender age of 10, Ellingson’s journey in the entertainment industry commenced when he was discovered while skateboarding. This encounter led to his inclusion in the Vans Peewee skating team and a role in a shoe commercial. 

Gradually, he secured minor roles before landing a significant part in “CSI: Miami” as Kyle Harmon, the son of Detective Horatio Caine, a role he portrayed regularly until 2010. His acting credits also encompass appearances in “General Hospital,” “Mad TV,” “Titus,” “That Was Then,” “Complete Savages,” “Bones,” and “24.”

A pivotal moment in the young actor’s career arrived in 2009 when he portrayed Cameron Diaz’s on-screen child in the film “My Sister’s Keeper.” During the filming of this movie in 2008, he received the devastating news of his older brother, Austin Ellingson, who, at the age of 22, had tragically passed away due to a drug overdose.

In a statement to E!, Ellingson’s family conveyed that despite his battle with addiction, at 35, he carried a deep connection to his faith in Jesus, and they believe he has found solace with God. They expressed gratitude for the moments they shared and conveyed their profound sense of loss, already missing him dearly.