Former Aide To Atlanta’s Democrat Mayor Arrested For Terroristic Threats


Authorities have revealed that a former staffer to current Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens was detained and charged with terroristic threats in late December.

Officers came aboard an American Airlines aircraft on Dec. 29 and arrested Ali Carter in response to a warrant from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. When officers approached Carter in his aircraft seat, he verified his identification.

Carter was subsequently escorted to a local police station, where the warrant was validated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department with extradition.

Carter was arrested after an alleged incident on Sept. 12, 2020, in which he was suspected of making terroristic threats. He was taken without incident to the Clayton County jail.

Mayor Dickens’ spokeswoman sent the following written comment in response to CBS46’s request for information:

“The incident in question is based on a warrant from Douglas County and Mayor Dickens has been made aware of the alleged incident. While Mr. Carter previously worked for Councilmember Dickens, he is not part of the Mayor’s administration and is no longer an employee of the City of Atlanta.”