Fed Up: Democrat Demands End to Sanctuary City Status

FED UP - Dem Wants Sanctuary City STOPPED!


The influx of migrants is placing pressure on local resources, leading a Democratic representative in Chicago to call for the removal of the city’s sanctuary status. Cata Truss, a public servant, asserts that she, along with fellow Democrats, is growing discontented with her party’s approach to addressing the crisis.

The existing funds are insufficient to adequately support both migrants and locals, creating a challenging situation, according to Truss.

Truss asserts that there is discontent among Chicago residents, with resentment stemming from the perceived neglect of low-income neighborhoods and schools in favor of prioritizing migrant care. She has called for the removal of Chicago’s sanctuary city status and the implementation of a more effective plan.

Despite Truss’s earnest attempts, she was unable to arrange meetings with any of the Democratic elected leaders in the city to discuss the matter with her and community residents. She contends that there was a lack of willingness on their part to engage in such discussions. She questions the rationale for continued support if the party is unwilling to engage in dialogue with them. Many Democrats, she mentioned, are abandoning their support due to this issue.

The Democratic mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, defended his position by acknowledging that some may critique his approach but expressing confidence in his leadership abilities. Truss, in response, asserted that the current situation was unacceptable.

The Chicago mayor has stated that approximately 34,000 migrants have arrived since data collection commenced in October 2022, with over $156 million designated for their housing and healthcare.

Johnson ran his campaign on a platform endorsing full support for the city’s migrant influx. Nevertheless, he now acknowledges that the current surge is “unsustainable” and has appealed for additional federal funding.

In the previous year, Representative Yvette Clarke, a Democrat from New York, openly discussed a strategy to enhance political power by seeking an influx of undocumented individuals for the purpose of “redistricting.”

Bill Hagerty, a Tennessee Senator serving on the Senate Rules Committee, responded by putting forth The Equal Representation Act. The primary objective of this proposed legislation is to prevent the consideration of illegal immigrants in the determination of congressional district allocations.

The current method of including illegal immigrants in the count for representation purposes establishes a contradictory motivation for governments and voters, encouraging them to advocate for open borders in order to amplify their comparative political influence.