FBI Director Claims Terror Threat in America Has Risen

Director Wray WARNS Police - Not Good!


On October 14, FBI Director Christopher Wray addressed American police chiefs, highlighting an increase in terrorist threats within the United States. Speaking at the annual gathering of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in San Diego, California, Wray underscored that this escalating threat has become a primary national concern.

The FBI director delivered the speech following Israel’s conflict with the Palestinian group Hamas, which carried out a terrorist attack in the southern part of Israel on October 7. This group was responsible for a series of heinous acts, including the killing of both children and elderly individuals, as well as the abduction of over 150 innocent people.

Wray conveyed to the attendees that the primary concern for US law enforcement is the potential for self-radicalized individuals inspired by Hamas to carry out attacks independently. He emphasized that there is no doubt that the United States is currently facing a significant rise in terrorist threats. He urged police chiefs to remain vigilant for these lone actors who could draw inspiration from Hamas’ terrorist actions and initiate acts of violence themselves.

The director delivered this speech the day after several major cities in the country had increased police presence and heightened security. This was in response to a call from one of Hamas’ leaders who urged all Muslims to show support for Palestine and to take to the streets in their respective cities to express their opposition to Israel.

In his address, the FBI director refrained from citing any specific terrorist threat currently within the agency’s knowledge. Nevertheless, Wray underscored the importance of avoiding the grave error of singling out a community based on their religious beliefs, particularly in the backdrop of an escalating terrorist threat in the United States. He emphatically stated that such actions are unacceptable and cautioned that history has demonstrated their potential to foster violent extremism globally.