FBI Agents Mistakenly Handcuff And Interrogate Delta Pilot



Federal investigators woke up a hotel guest in Boston in the middle of the night, handcuffed him, tossed him into the shower, and questioned him for an hour before realizing they were in the wrong room.

Instead of the correct room at the Revere Hotel where a person role-playing as a suspect as part of a training exercise was staying, FBI and Department of Defense agents stormed the innocent man’s room.

Around ten o’clock on Tuesday night, the hotel guests knocked on the door of Room 1505, where the bewildered Delta Air Lines pilot visitor was resting. The agents ordered him to let them in.

After nearly an hour of questioning the man, who was reportedly in his 30s, the agents concluded they had the wrong person.

The man was handcuffed for almost 45 minutes before the federal officials released him and apologized.

The Department of Defense needed assistance from the FBI Boston division to conduct a training exercise at the hotel to simulate a scenario that servicemen might face while on deployment, the FBI stated in a statement to the local station.

“Based on inaccurate information, they were mistakenly sent to the wrong room and detained an individual, not the intended role player. Thankfully nobody was injured,” according to the statement.

Police, EMS, and hotel security were alerted of the situation. The pilot declined receiving medical care.

When the source called the pilot, he declined to comment on his traumatic experience. He claimed that before talking to the media, he needed to contact his employer.

In a statement, Delta said it was looking into rumors of a possible incident involving Delta personnel in Boston.

In order to take any further action that is deemed necessary, the FBI Boston Division is evaluating the disturbing case of mistaken identity with the DOD.