Father of Three Gunned Down After Going on Rampage

Innocence Shattered - Kids Watch Father's Deadly Rampage!


A man aged 33 has passed away following an incident where he stabbed the mother of his children. The event took place in Tampa, FL, and was reported to the police on July 17, 2023. Upon reaching the scene, law enforcement discovered a woman who had suffered multiple stab wounds. She is presently in the process of recuperating from her injuries.

The investigation revealed that the woman who was stabbed and the assailant share three children. These children, ranging from 2 to 6 years old, were present and witnessed their father, Michael A Bresnahan, brutally stabbing their 29-year-old mother, Crystal Bresnahan, more than a dozen times. After the incident, Michael A Bresnahan took the kids in his vehicle to his brother’s residence, from where he proceeded to steal a rifle.

The Tampa Police identified his vehicle and initiated a pursuit lasting 12 minutes, during which Bresnahan continuously brandished the AK-47 rifle out of the window. Despite the officers’ attempts to halt the chase using spike strips, Bresnahan skillfully evade them. The situation eventually came to an end when Bresnahan collided with another vehicle.

During that moment, Bresnahan aimed the AK-47 rifle at the police officers and discharged shots, displaying a complete disregard for human life, as stated by Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw. In response, multiple officers returned fire, resulting in Bresnahan being shot and killed during the exchange. However, authorities are considering the possibility that the fatal shot may have been self-inflicted, though an autopsy is yet to be conducted to confirm the exact cause of death. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported among the officers or civilians involved in the circumstance.

Sabrina Turner, a passenger in the vehicle that Bresnahan collided with during the pursuit, reported hearing approximately 50 shots being fired before she was safely removed from the scene.

Crystal Bresnahan, the victim of the attack, is currently in stable condition and undergoing recovery. Chief Bercaw publicly expressed his well-wishes for her “full and rapid recovery,” recognizing the unimaginable trauma she has endured. The children are now in the care of another family member and are safe.

As per standard procedure, the Tampa Police Department has placed all officers involved in the shooting on administrative duty.