Famous Rockstar Ditches California For Red State: We Did It For Our Daughter

Famous Rockstar DITCHES California For Red State!


Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe has opted for Wyoming as his family’s main residence, a decision that has struck a chord with numerous Americans looking for a break from urban chaos and societal issues. This move marks a significant departure from Southern California, where Sixx had spent over four decades.

At the age of 65, Nikki Sixx, accompanied by his 38-year-old wife Courtney and their 4-year-old daughter Ruby, has discovered solace in the least populous U.S. state. Wyoming, renowned for its stunning landscapes and outdoor activities, has become their refuge.

Concerns about their daughter’s safety, fueled by escalating worries about school shootings, natural disasters, and broader societal issues in California, served as the driving force behind the Sixx family’s decision to relocate.

“Moving up to Wyoming was something really great for me and my wife and also for how we wanted to raise our daughter.”

Renowned as the bassist and chief songwriter for the American heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx played a pivotal role since the band’s formation in 1981. Mötley Crüe gained fame not only for their impactful music but also for their extravagant lifestyle, characterized by substance abuse and encounters with the law—a common trait among numerous rock bands in the 1980s. Sixx, personally grappling with heroin addiction, underwent an experience that profoundly shaped both his musical contributions and his writing.

Nikki Sixx’s impact reaches far beyond the realm of music, extending into advocacy for addiction recovery and mental health awareness. Leveraging his personal experiences, he actively works to assist others confronting similar challenges, using his platform to promote awareness and support in these crucial areas.

“And there’s no entertainment business here [Wyoming], so you’re not dealing with any of that kind of stuff — you’re just dealing with blue-collar people. I relate to it ’cause I came from Idaho in the ’70s, which it’s 40 minutes to Idaho from where we live.”

Expressing the positive influence of Wyoming on his creativity, the rockstar highlighted, “It’s great for the creativity. I feel like all kinds of ideas are just floating around the air,” during an interview with SiriusXM. This sentiment resonates with the common aspiration of artists to seek inspiration and tranquility away from the urban hustle. Recently, Sylvester Stallone and his wife also garnered attention for their choice to move from California to Florida.

In a recent development, comedian Bill Engvall disclosed his choice to depart from California and relocate to Utah. Despite his three-decade tenure in California, Engvall expressed his affection for the state while citing escalating taxes and economic factors as key reasons for his decision to move.