Eric Adams Ally Abruptly Resigns

HUGE Setback - Top Dem's Biggest Ally RESIGNS


The abrupt resignation of a top official has been a blow for the mayor of New York City. Marcella Tillett was appointed to head a critical financial effort that attracts investment to the city and utilizes it to benefit New Yorkers by Mayor Eric Adams (D). She quit without warning after a little over a year on the job.

Philanthropists have been pooling their resources to support city initiatives through the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City for nearly 30 years. Tillett was named the next executive director of the fund by Mayor Adams in October 2022. While Adams was the borough president of Brooklyn, he met Tillett, who had worked as a senior administrator at the Brooklyn Community Foundation.

Announcing her appointment he called her “a dedicated public servant and philanthropic powerhouse,” and praised her as someone who could transform the city. Tillett herself promised to bring a “commitment to intersectional racial equity and social justice” to the job.

Her resignation comes barely sixteen months after she was appointed. No one in the local government evidently anticipated her resignation, so it came as a total shock. Her resignation was cited as being due to “personal reasons” by City Hall, which expressed gratitude for her work while in office. It was stated that Tillett had no disagreements with the mayor or his staff on the projects she had supported. Tillett is a staunch believer in awakened ideology, despite their history of collaboration, while Adams, a former captain of the New York Police Department, has made maintaining law and order a central tenet of his administration.

No one has stepped up to take over the Mayor’s Fund from Tillett as of yet. She had agreed to remain in her position for a few more weeks, according to the City Hall statement, so that the next executive director could take over smoothly. However, Adams is already dealing with a surge of illegal immigrants that is putting a strain on city services, and her resignation is just adding insult to injury.