Employees At Chicago’s Airport Say Homeless People Are Taking Over (VIDEO)

Homeless TAKE Over Chicago Airport - Staff Feel Unsafe (VIDEO)


The growing homeless population in the Windy City has transformed Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport into a huge, “dystopian” encampment, raising severe safety concerns among workers and passengers who claim they have been followed and harassed.

Shocking images depict dirty improvised shelters erected inside the terminals of the important transportation hub. In one image, a homeless person is even seen collapsing and dozing off inside a terminal entrance.

“It’s out of control. None of us feel safe,” Vonkisha Chatman, a custodian who works the nightly shift at Terminals 1 and 2, said.

Chatman claimed that the undesirable visitors, who leave trash behind and deface the restrooms, have harassed her and her coworkers.

The two women claimed that although their managers instructed them to call the police, the officers informed them that they could not interfere unless the workers were physically touched.

One Twitter user called on Mayor Lori Lightfoot to address the issue after posting pictures of a homeless guy sprawled on the ground at Terminal 2.

“The CDA is aware of the increasing population of unsheltered individuals at O’Hare International Airport. It’s a common occurrence at this airport and airports nationwide when temperatures drop in the winter months. The City of Chicago’s Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) and their delegate agencies continue to provide 24/7 outreach to unsheltered residents at O’Hare. Outreach professionals engage with individuals experiencing homelessness at O’Hare and conduct needs assessments,” Chicago Department of Aviation said in a statement.

Those who are homeless don’t usually accept help right away, the Department of Family and Social Services added.

“Sometimes, individuals experiencing homelessness do not accept services and outreach teams have to engage them many times before trust is established and the clients are ready to accept assistance.”