Doctors Scientific Organica Recalls Protein Bars



A recall has been issued for a certain brand of high-performance protein bars due to concerns that they may contain “foreign material” that poses a risk of choking or internal injuries. The bars should be either destroyed or returned to the retailer by the purchasers.

The Burn Boot Camp Afterburn Grass-Fed Whey Protein Bars were recalled on November 29 by Doctors Scientific Organica (DSO), a supplement manufacturer based in Florida. Specifically, the 60g Chocolate Almond variety is in question. The business has expressed concern that they may include “foreign material,” which may include items like parchment paper, disposable hairnets, and shrink wrap.

Injuries from tainted bars have not been recorded as of yet; nevertheless, the FDA-confirmed recall from November 29th states that such contamination “may cause minor injuries such as transient choking or gastrointestinal system injury.” Customers informed DSO of the issue, therefore it’s reasonable to conclude that some of the bars are tainted.

Bars with lot numbers 181, 184, or 187 are all part of the recall scheme. Both the foil wrapper and the packaging of each bar bear these numbers. Products that were affected might be purchased online or in-store at any Burn Bootcamp location in the United States.

Burn Boot Camp is a gym-based fitness program aimed at women. In addition to consistent exercise, the program endorses a variety of nutritional supplements, such as DSO’s protein bars (which Bonne Santé, a holding company, acquired in 2021), among others. The Afterburn protein bars are advertised as a sugar-free, high-fiber snack that aids in muscle repair and development following Burn Bootcamp workouts. They come in a variety of flavors, but according to DSO, the Chocolate Almond flavor is the only one affected.

Return the bars to the retailer from where you purchased them or throw them away if you have any that have the impacted lot numbers.