Deputy U.S. Marshal Charged With Entering Plane Drunk After Misconduct Report On Flight To London

U.S. Marshal ARRESTED - His Crimes Are DISGUSTING


A US Marshal deputy faced charges in the United Kingdom on Thursday for entering an aircraft while under the influence. The arrest occurred following allegations of misconduct during a flight from New York, as reported by the London police.

Upon landing at Heathrow Airport, 39-year-old Michael Brereton was apprehended. The flight crew had alerted authorities about disturbances caused by the federal agent on board, as stated by the London police.

He is anticipated to make a court appearance on Friday. The court appearance is a significant step in the legal process, providing an opportunity for the formal presentation of evidence and the initiation of the judicial proceedings related to the charges faced by Michael Brereton.

According to a statement from the Metropolitan Police Service, the flight crew conveyed that the marshal exhibited disruptive behavior and was accused of sexually assaulting fellow passengers and crew members. 

No charges related to sexual assault have been formally filed. In the context of British law, sexual assault is defined as the intentional touching of another person with any body part or object without their approval.

Another deputy, who was also on the plane, was briefly held but has since been released and has returned. The two deputies were on the flight to bring a suspect back to the United States, according to law enforcement sources.

The individual, not permitted to disclose details of the ongoing investigation publicly, spoke anonymously. Nevertheless, the US Marshals, in a statement, emphasized their commitment to addressing allegations of misconduct by their personnel, affirming cooperation with British law enforcement.