Dems Not Ready to Accept Mask Mandate Reversal


After a federal court in Florida deemed the mask mandate unconstitutional, Biden made a stunning U-turn on the issue.

Meanwhile, Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, has declined to say whether travelers will still be obliged to wear masks.

Biden was asked on Tuesday if people should continue to wear masks while traveling. In response, he stated that it is up to them whether or not to wear a mask.

Initially, the president stated that he had not discussed whether or not to appeal the judgment with the CDC.

However, the Department of Justice later announced that it will appeal the ruling.

According to the Department of Justice, the CDC has the jurisdiction to establish such a mandate, and it is now necessary for Americans.

Meanwhile, Kayleigh McEnany, co-host of Fox News’ Outnumbered, chastised Psaki for refusing to answer a question on the federal judge’s judgment.

When confronted about the mask mandate, Psaki had a nasty answer, according to McEnany. When Psaki was meant to declare the government respects the court’s judgment, the co-host said she skirted the subject.

Similarly, McEnany reported that she learned of the verdict while on a flight and that everyone around her began cheering, which reflects general sentiment. She also chastised liberals for criticizing the judge following the judgment.

The White House has already expressed its displeasure with the finding, calling it unmistakably regrettable.

Many airports, including those in Los Angeles, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta, abandoned the mandate after the court’s decision. Passengers must still wear masks at airports in Connecticut, New York City, and Chicago.

Even after the continual drop in cases, the mask mandate was one of the few government prohibitions that remained.

In a 59-page judgement, a Florida judge threw down the restriction, claiming that establishing such a rule was beyond the CDC’s area of business.

The court’s decision startled the Biden administration, according to some White House officials.

During Biden’s visit to New Hampshire, Psaki told reporters on Air Force One that public health experts, not the courts, should set health policy.