Democrat Politician’s Wife Allegedly Helped Facilitate Epstein’s Sex Crimes

Democrat Rep's Wife Allegedly HELPED Epstein Commit Crimes!


n the United States Virgin Islands, the wife of a prominent Democrat has been linked to sex trafficking suspect Jeffrey Epstein.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the information was revealed in a court filing by JPMorgan Chase. The bank settled a class action lawsuit filed by victims of the late sex trafficker Epstein for an estimated $290 million.

The bank disclosed communications between Epstein and Cecile de Jongh, the former first lady of the United States Virgin Islands and “an office manager for the convicted sex offender’s businesses in the U.S. territory.” Cecile de Jongh was married to former Democratic governor of the USVI, John de Jongh Jr.

By enabling Epstein to use their bank, the U.S. Virgin Islands believe the bank enabled Epstein’s criminal activity by giving him access to the financial system.

According to the bank’s court filings, Epstein was “protected” by the U.S. Virgin Islands, creating “the perfect conditions” for his unlawful behavior to go unnoticed. Instead of trying to stop him, they aided him.

According to the bank, de Jongh managed Epstein’s island operations while her husband served as governor, liaising between the businessman and the island’s political and law enforcement establishments.

According to the bank, De Jongh assisted in enrolling a large number of Epstein victims in English language courses. Epstein covered the costs of attendance. She allegedly apparently assisted in arranging their visas so they could be transported to the island.

She allegedly asked Epstein to make political donations to the congressional campaign of Democrat Stacey Plaskett, who was later elected to U.S. Congress as a delegate.

A spokesperson for the island’s attorney general claimed that the bank “cherry-picked” facts to distract from its own legal woes.

“JPMorgan Chase has cherry-picked and mischaracterized Epstein’s interactions with U.S. Virgin Islands officials and residents in an attempt to distract and shift blame away from its role in facilitating Jeffrey Epstein’s heinous crimes,” the spokesperson stated.