Democrat Politician Caught in Racism Scandal Eyeing Reelection

DISGRACED Dem Plans To Run Again


Last year, Kevin de Leon, a member of the Los Angeles City Council, found himself embroiled in a racism controversy. Despite facing calls for his resignation, he is now vying for re-election. His district encompasses downtown Los Angeles, known for its rich cultural diversity. As a former leader in the state Senate, de Leon is accustomed to public scrutiny. However, his reputation took a hit when a recorded conversation, later circulated on Reddit and examined by the Los Angeles Times, drew significant public attention.

On the recorded conversation, he was heard making numerous derogatory remarks about black residents and advocating for the manipulation of redistricting to bolster Latino voting influence. While other public officials implicated in this conversation have chosen to step down, de Leon remains steadfast in his pursuit of re-election.

Despite earnest pleas from his fellow council members, urging him to resign for the betterment of the council’s efficiency, he remains resolute in his decision not to do so. Constituents in his district express regret that the scandal has diverted his attention away from district-related matters, instead focusing on personal endeavors. Many believe that a change in leadership would be in the district’s best interest.

De Leon took a break from council meetings and engagements that spanned two months. However, he has since resumed attending meetings now that protests and objections have waned. He expresses his desire to put this conflict behind him and continue his advocacy for his constituents. In January 2023, immediately following the release of the controversial conversation, a majority of his district’s voters believed he should step down, and they disapproved of his performance in his role.

There was even consideration of a recall of de Leon by the city, but this idea didn’t materialize, primarily due to more pressing issues facing his district, which consists largely of working-class voters. His re-election is scheduled for March 2024, and as of September 2023, there are 11 other candidates competing for the position.