Democrat Crime So Bad Taco Stand Owner Has To Spend How Much?

Dem City OVERRUN With Crime


Rising crime rates in numerous cities governed by Democrats have compelled business proprietors to seek alternative security measures for safeguarding their establishments. A District of Columbia-based restaurateur highlighted the current scenario, noting that it has necessitated an annual expenditure exceeding half a million dollars on security measures.

Bo Blair, owner of the Surfside Taco Stand and several other establishments in the U.S. capital, disclosed that he is currently allocating approximately $4,000 per week on private security in the District of Columbia. This increased security investment is prompted by the surge in incidents such as muggings, carjackings, and other violent crimes in the area.

During an interview on Thursday with correspondent Griff Jenkins, Bo Blair conveyed that the present circumstances are untenable. He expressed optimism for an improvement in the crime situation, which would enable him to curtail significant security expenses. Blair mentioned that in the current year alone, his expenditure on security has surpassed $450,000.

According to Jenkins, Blair possesses eleven restaurants in the city, and the prevailing inflationary conditions make it challenging to transfer the security expenses to customers. Despite his efforts to avoid passing on this cost, Blair acknowledged that, in certain instances, he is allocating more funds for security than he is for rent.

The District of Columbia has not had a Republican mayor since the formation of its current government in 1975 under Home Rule. Over the past year, Washington has experienced a significant increase in carjacking rates, more than doubling, and the district has reported 250 homicides.