Dem Mayor Probed By FBI Over Political Retaliation

Dem Mayor RETALIATED For What? - Feds Launch PROBE!


The FBI has initiated a probe into Democratic Mayor Tiffany Henyard of Illinois following claims that she retaliated against a business owner who declined to contribute to an event she was backing. This latest development contributes to the increasing attention on Mayor Henyard’s behavior and administration of municipal matters.

Mayor Henyard, who drew notice for joining President Joe Biden at the White House during the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ yearly gathering, is now under fire for her dealings with other local officials and allegations of financial mishandling within Dolton city.

The inquiry originates from assertions made by Lawrence Gardner, proprietor of a Dolton-centered U-Haul rental and trucking enterprise. Gardner claims that city authorities, purportedly under the directives of Mayor Henyard, declined to renew his business license and carried out inspections on his property as retribution for his refusal to donate to a civic occasion endorsed by the mayor.

Gardner asserts that the conflict arose when he refused to contribute to the event backed by Mayor Henyard. Subsequently, he reached out to the FBI and filed a report, indicating they assured him of investigating the claims. Gardner is among six individuals, including ex-Dolton city staff and additional business proprietors, who allegedly furnished details to the FBI concerning Mayor Henyard’s conduct.

During a discussion with FOX 32, Gardner disclosed that he had conversed with FBI agents and clarified the circumstances. He noted furnishing them with all his documentation to illustrate the proceedings taking place in court and in Dolton. Moreover, he indicated that the agents assured him they were actively managing the issue.

Nevertheless, another local entrepreneur, Dewayne Wood, who runs a restaurant, has encountered obstacles with permit authorizations as well. He contends that Mayor Henyard might be singling him out because of his connections with individuals involved in a political disagreement with the mayor.

Wood stated that he had been privy to rumors insinuating that he was aligned with the opposition, and he believed he was singled out due to his affiliation with a cohort of trustees, for whom he had offered catering services.