Danger In The Sky – Flight Attendant Hospitalized After Fight


After a confrontation with an irate, belligerent passenger on a trip to Chicago on Sunday morning, a United Airlines flight attendant was taken to the hospital.

In a video shared on Twitter, a mother carrying a young child was seen shouting and being instructed to move back by a flight attendant while on a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

“Where is it?”  the woman yelled after ranting in the aisle of the aircraft, as seen in the video that Peter Kondelis recorded and shared.

She was informed by a female flight attendant, “Ma’am, we are landing.”

Then everything got really tense.

The flight attendant could be heard asking the woman many times, each time with a greater sense of urgency, “Sarah, step back.”

The video ends with another flight attendant running down the aisle to help her colleague.

When they arrived at Flight 476’s gate at O’Hare Airport at around 6 a.m., Chicago police stated they had been alerted about “a disturbance” that had occurred onboard.

According to authorities and United Airlines, three persons, including a flight attendant, were brought to Resurrection Hospital for observation.

Unruly passengers on a flight from San Francisco to Chicago were removed by police authorities after landing on Sunday, according to a representative for United Airlines, and one flight attendant was brought to the hospital for testing.

He continued by thanking his crew for managing the challenging circumstance with professionalism and for prioritizing the team’s and the customers’ safety.

No significant injuries were recorded, but it’s unclear why the three people were brought to the hospital, according to United.

The incident is being looked at by the FBI as well.