Crime Topped Only by Inflation as Key Voter Concern: Shaw-Beacon Poll


A recent poll spells trouble for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections as crime (77%) is topped only by inflation (84%), leaving voters at least ”very” or ”extremely” concerned on two issues that are traditionally more favorable to Republicans, according to Shaw & Company Research pollster Daron Shaw to Fox Business.

”The resurgence of crime as a political issue is a problem for the Democrats,” according to Shaw, who conducted the poll along with Beacon Research, a Democrat pollster.

”Historically, Republicans have been seen as tougher on crime and more serious about protecting the citizenry. That image persists to this day. On the other hand, it’s unclear what the Democrats want to do about the issue.”

Registered voters are also very concerned about:

  • Taxes: 71%.
  • The deficit: 69%.
  • Coronavirus: 68%.
  • Being able to pay bills: 63%.

In the partisan breakdown of key issues for voters, registered Democrats are most concerned about:

  1. Coronavirus: 81%.
  2. Inflation: 75%.
  3. Rising crime rates: 67%.

Registered Republicans are most concerned about:

  1. Inflation: 91%.
  2. Crime rates: 84%.
  3. Taxes: 83%.

On the actual ”root causes” — a frequent Biden administration buzz phrase — of rising criminal activity, voters see:

  1. Breakdown of moral values: 21%, which is the top cause for registered Republicans (27%).
  2. Weaker criminal penalties: 15%.
  3. Availability of guns: 13%, which is the top cause for registered Democrats (26%).
  4. Decreased police funding: 12%.
  5. Effects of the pandemic: 11%.
  6. Mental health issues: 10%
  7. Lack of good jobs: 6%.
  8. More illegal immigration: 6%.

The poll found a 6-point increase in Biden’s presidential disapproval rating on crime (57%) since August, when it was 51%.

Among those who have turned more sour, by percentage points:

  • Democrats: 11 points.
  • Seniors: 11 points.
  • Women: 10 points.
  • Rural voters: 10 points.

The Shaw & Co. Research/Beacon Research joint poll was conducted Dec. 11-14 among 1,002 registered voters nationwide and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.